Cornea and Eye Banking Forum
November 10, 2017
Grand Ballroom
Astor Crowne Plaza

Program Schedule

7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Registration
7:00 a.m. ­– 8:00 am Breakfast
Section I
8:00 a.m. – 8:02 a.m. Welcome
Anthony J. Aldave, MD, and Bennie H. Jeng, MD
8:02 a.m. – 8:32 a.m. Corneal Cross-Linking Update
Presented by the National Keratoconus Foundation
Winston Chamberlain, MD, PhD
Sumit Garg, MD
Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD
Christopher Rapuano, MD
8:32 a.m. – 8:43 a.m. Corneal Cross-Linking with Novel UV Wavelengths
James Rowsey, MD, St. Michaels Eye and Laser Institute
8:43 a.m. – 8:54 a.m. Bowman Layer Transplantation for Advanced Keratoconus: Five Year Results
Lamis Baydoun, MD, Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery
8:54 a.m. – 9:05 a.m. Clinical Outcomes of Conjunctival Limbal Autograft in Patients with Unilateral Total Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency
Medi Eslani, MD, Cincinnati Eye Institute/ University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
9:05 a.m. – 9:16 a.m. Assessing the Effects of Ripasudil, A Novel Rho Kinase Inhibitor, on Human Corneal Endothelial Cell Health
Andrew S. Goldstein, BS, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
9:16 a.m. – 9:27 a.m. The Results of Primary Descemets Stripping for the Treatment of Fuchs Dystrophy with and Without Post-Operative Rho Kinase Drops: A Pilot Study
Marian Macsai, MD, NorthShore University HealthSystem
9:27 a.m. – 9:38 am Pressure Sensitive Device for Intracorneal Dissection Depth Assessment
Alfonso Iovieno, MD, PhD, FRCSC, University of British Columbia; Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova-IRCCS
9:38 a.m. – 9:43 a.m. Claes Dohlman, MD, PhD Award Presentation
Recipient: Mark J. Mannis, MD
9:43 a.m. – 9:55 a.m. Cornea Society Business Meeting
9:55 a.m. – 10:10 a.m. Break
Section II
10:10 a.m. – 10:12 a.m. Welcome Back
Bennie H. Jeng, MD, and Anthony J. Aldave, MD
10:12 a.m. – 10:23 a.m. Utility of HSV Serology in the Management of Corneal Pathology
John Wang, BS, Case Western Reserve University
10:23 a.m. – 10:34 a.m. Incidence and Clinical Outcomes of Positive Donor Corneoscleral Rim Cultures
Carter Kirk, MD, Eye Consultants of Atlanta / Kirk Eye Center
10:34 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Outcomes of Allograft Ocular Surface Stem Cell Transplantation with Systemic Immunosuppression in Pediatric Patients
Albert Cheung, MD, Virginia Eye Consultants
10:45 a.m. – 10:56 a.m. Incidence and Outcomes of Infectious Keratitis after Ocular Surface Stem Cell Transplantation
Enrica Sarnicola, MD, Cincinnati Eye Institute
10:56 a.m. – 11:07 a.m. Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem Devices for Ocular Surface Disease in Pediatric Patients with Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Yvonne Wang, MD, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
11:07 a.m. – 11:18 a.m. Boston type I Keratoprosthesis as the Primary Penetrating Corneal Procedure
Todd Driver, MD, UCLA Stein-Doheny Eye Institute
11:18 a.m. – 11:29 a.m. Intraocular Light Scatter in Eyes with Implanted Boston Keratoprosthesis Type 1
Faris Karas, MD, University of Illinois, Eye and Ear Infirmary
11:29 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. One Step Closer to a More Practical Artificial Cornea
Miguel Gonzalez-Andrades, MD, PhD, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary/ Schepens Eye Research Institute
11:40 a.m. – 11:43 a.m. R. Townley Paton Award Introduction
Mark Terry, MD, 2016 Paton Award Recipient
11:43 a.m. – 12:03 p.m. R. Townley Paton Award Lecture: Preserving the Success and Uniqueness of Eye Banking
Michael Nordlund, MD, PhD, 2017 Paton Award Recipient
12:03 p.m. – 12:05 p.m. Presentation of R. Townley Paton Award
12:15 p.m. – 1:25 p.m. Paton Luncheon (Physicians Only)
Section III
1:30 p.m. – 1:32 p.m. Afternoon Session Welcome
Anthony J. Aldave, MD, and Bennie H. Jeng, MD
1:32 p.m. – 2:02 p.m. Cornea Preservation Time Study: Advancing Knowledge on Effect of Storage Time on Graft Success and Endothelial Cell Loss following DSEK
Jonathan Lass, MD
George Rosenwasser, MD, CEBT
Kevin Ross, MS, MPH
Anthony Aldave, MD
David Verdier, MD
2:02 p.m. – 2:13 p.m. Incidence and Outcomes of Infections in the Cornea Preservation Time Study
Shahzad Mian, MD, University of Michigan
2:13 p.m. – 2:24 p.m. A Comparison of Topical 5-Fluorouracil 1% and Topical Interferon Alfa-2b as Primary Treatment Modalities for Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia
Nandini Venkateswaran, MD, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
2:24 p.m. – 2:35 p.m. Comparison of 5-Year Graft Survival and Rejection Episode Rates with DMEK vs. DSEK
David Price, BS, Cornea Research Foundation of America
2:35 p.m. – 2:46 p.m. DMEK vs DSEK in patients with prior glaucoma surgery - A comparison of matched pairs
Shawn Lin, MD, MBA, UCLA Jules Stein
2:46 p.m. – 2:57 p.m. Outcomes of Eye Bank Prepared Pre-stripped, Pre-stained, and Pre-loaded Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (p3DMEK)
Nathan Liles, MD, MPH, University of Michigan
2:57 p.m. – 2:59 p.m. Introduction of Richard C. Troutman, MD, DSc, Prize Recipient
2:59 p.m. – 3:08 p.m. Richard C. Troutman, MD, DSc, Prize Lecture:Rapid Warming of Donor Corneas Is Safe and Improves Specular Image Quality
Khoa D. Tran, PhD, Lions VisionGift
3:08 p.m. – 3:10 p.m. Presentation of Richard C. Troutman, MD, DSc, Prize
3:10 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Break
Session IV
3:30 p.m. – 3:32 p.m. Welcome Back
3:32 p.m. – 3:43 p.m. Fungal Interface Keratitis after Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty
Friedrich Kruse, MD, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
3:43 p.m. – 3:54 p.m. Some Like It Hot: Real World Results of Tissue Evaluation after Implementation of a Rapid Warming Protocol
Jameson Clover, CEBT, Lions VisionGift
3:54 p.m. – 4:05 p.m. Development of a New Corneal Storage Medium with Antimycotic Tablet (#2)
Jana D'amato Tothova, PhD, Alchilife S.r.l.
4:05 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. Best Paper Presentation
Presented by Marian Macsai, MD; Donna Drury, CEBT, and Monty Montoya, MBA, CEBT
Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from SightLife Surgical
4:10 p.m. – 4:21 p.m. Outcomes of Secondary Penetrating Keratoplasty Graft Failure Managed by Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty
Nicolas Cesário Pereira, MD, Sorocaba Eye Bank and UNIFESP
4:21 p.m. – 4:32 p.m. Micro-Neuromas May Allow Differentiation of Patients with Neuropathic Corneal Pain from Dry Eye Disease
Hamid-Reza Moein, MD, Tufts Medical Center
4:32 p.m. – 4:43 p.m. Comparison of Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty Pressurized with Different Intraocular Pressure levels
José Alvaro Pereira Gomés, Sorocaba Eye Bank and UNIFESP
4:43 p.m. – 4:54 p.m. The Utility of the Hybrid-DMEK Pull-Through Technique for Complex DMEK Surgery
Donald Tan, FRCS, Singapore National Eye Centre
4:54 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closing Remarks
Bennie H. Jeng, MD, and Anthony J. Aldave, MD
Sponsored By Cornea Society Eye Bank Association of America